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4 Basic Steps to Skin Care

Jun 29 • Consumer Education, Moisturizers, Products, Skin Care, Sunscreens • 6237 Views • Comments Off on 4 Basic Steps to Skin Care

Step 1: Cleansing

It’s pretty simple. Find a good face wash that your skin responds well to. Remember to read the fine print on these products to see if it’s suitable for your skin type. You do not need to spend $50 on an expensive “quality” wash. Your local drug or convenience store should have a bunch of decently priced cleansers. A quick tip is to use a cream-based cleanser if you have dry skin and a clear cleanser if you have oily skin.

Wash your face with cleanser just once a day, either at night or in the morning. You don’t want to be overcleansing your skin. The simple steps are: wash first with warm water to loosen dirt and soften pores, apply a dime-sized amount of facewash, and then rinse with water again. Never wash your face with hot or cold water for they can cause broken capillaries.

Step 2: Exfoliate

What the heck is exfoliating? It’s the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, and is used to help maintain healthy skin. Beach sand is still an excellent (and free!) exfoliant. But when you’re too busy to hit the beach, over-the-counter scrubs are the next best thing. Make sure you get a gentle scrub with tiny grains because big grains can tear skin and cause more damage than you’d think.

Step 3: Moisturize

Everyone, women AND men need to moisturize for it is the secret to smooth, ravishing skin. You might ask, what’s the point of moisturizing? Well, you seal moisture into your skin. How much and how often you moisturize depends on your skin type. You have to be careful not to over moisturize because it can clog pores.

Step 4: Sunscreen!

The average American does not wear sunscreen every day. People believe that sunscreen is only necessary for a day at the beach. This is definitely not true. Sunscreen is the most important part of your skin care routine. Sunscreen can help prevent wrinkles and freckles, amongst other types of skin damage. The trick here is to purchase two moisturizers: a daytime moisturizer with an SPF and a night moisturizer. This is important because moisturizers shouldn’t be used 24/7—it will cause skin aggravation.

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