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Bar Soaps Are A No-No

Jul 28 • Consumer Education, Featured, Skin Care • 4537 Views • Comments Off on Bar Soaps Are A No-No

Have you ever wondered why people don’t just use bar soap to wash their face? After all, soap is meant for the skin right? Wrong. For those (mostly guys I’m assuming) who have been using bar soaps instead of a face wash, stop immediately and read the following.

Our skin is a pH level of around 5.0, which is close to neutral. A bar soap has a higher pH around 8-10.0. You must not forget that washing soap is a detergent, meant to remove dirt and grease from your skin. Haven’t you noticed that your hands tend to be dry after using a bar soap?

Washing your face with a bar soap will destroy your skin. It will dry it out, drain all the oil, and suck out all the moisture. You might feel refreshed and rejuvenated at first, thinking that your skin feels nice and dry (not oily like it usually is). But think again. With less oil (sebum) on your skin, your skin becomes thinner, dry, and dehydrated, which in turn will produce fine lines, otherwise known as wrinkles. Gradually, if you continue to use bar soap, your wrinkles will mature and cannot be treated.

Your face is more delicate than the rest of your body and deserves quality nurturing and treatment. Don’t make the mistake of lazing for bar soap when it could highly damage your face’s skin in the long run. Please consider an appropriate face wash that best suits you.

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