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Beer and Psoriasis

Oct 2 • Consumer Education, Skin Disease • 1658 Views • Comments Off on Beer and Psoriasis

Does drinking beer increase the risk of acquiring, or worsening psoriasis in women? Experts believe so. Psoriasis is a painful skin disorder that affects over 7 million Americans today, according to research.

After researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital conducted a study in nearly 82 thousand women, the findings indicated signs of beer increasing risk of psoriasis. The findings showed that:

  • Light beer, red and white wine, and liquor were not associated with risk of psoriasis
  • Risk of psoriasis was 72% greater among women who had 2 drinks per week or more, compared to those who abstained from alcohol
  • Risk of psoriasis was 2.3 times higher in women who drank 5+ beers per week than those who didn’t drink beer.

Why Beer Of All Alcohol?

The research suggests that there are certain non-alcoholic elements of beer that contribute to the onset of psoriasis. One of the writers in the study said, “One of these components may be the starch source used in making beer.”

Barley could also be a culprit. It is a starch that is only used in beer and other non-distilled alcoholic drinks. It is a substance that people with psoriasis can be very sensitive to. Women with a high risk of psoriasis are recommended to avoid in-take of non-light beer since association between alcohol consumption and increased risk of psoriasis in patients have been suspected for a while now. Further investigation would have to take place in order to analyze the full potential effects of non-light beer on new-onset psoriasis.

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