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Say Bye to Blisters

Aug 8 • Consumer Education, Procedures, Treatment • 61031 Views • Comments Off on Say Bye to Blisters

We’ve all had our share of these painful and strange looking bumps. Yes, I’m talking about blisters. Whether it’s from swinging from monkey bars to running a marathon, blisters can occur on your body. Blisters are caused by friction or minor burns. New skin will form underneath the fluid and eventually the fluid becomes absorbed. Most people will be tempted to pop their blisters to avoid discomfort. However, you should not puncture unless it is large, painful, or already like to pop. If you have to pop a blister, please do the following:

  • Use a sterilized needle. Sterilize with a flame or rubbing alcohol
  • Wash the area thoroughly
  • Make a small hole and squeeze the fluid out gently.
  • Do not remove the blister skin. The new skin underneath needs this protective layer.
  • Prevent infection by keeping the area clean and covered with a bandage.

You can prevent blisters on your hands and feet with certain products. For hands, wear gloves when you do intensive work such as shoveling or raking. For feet, break in your shoes with petroleum jelly or gels in the areas that frequently cause blisters.

Blisters are usually very mild and do not require a dermatologist’s care.

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