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Freckles: To Like or Not To Like?

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Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin that are most often visible on fair skinned people. They can be found on anyone regardless of genetic background, however, having freckles is genetic. The formation of freckles is triggered by exposure to sunlight. UVB radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which causes freckles to become darker.

Though predominantly found on the face, freckles can appear all over the body. Freckles are not a skin disorder and are not cancerous in any way. They can be a nuisance to some, yet normal to most, and even cute to a few people. For many of us, freckles are just our skin’s way of telling us that we are getting too much sun and should use sun protection.

Freckles Be Gone!

The most immediate way to “get rid” of your freckles is to use concealer or foundation that you can purchase over the counter. Although this is just to cover the freckles, it is by far the most cost-efficient way to hide them.

There are also bleaching creams that slowly fade the freckles by inhibiting melanin. Dermatologists can also prescribe chemical peels to peel off your freckled skin. Lastly, you can get laser treatment, a fast and long-lasting technique performed by dermatologists. The downside is that it can be a bit heavy on your wallet.

There are also home remedies such as sour milk and lemon juice. Washing your face with sour milk will make the lactic acid peel away your skin gently without too much irritation. Applying lemon juice to your skin is also another remedy, but requires that you avoid the sun for risk of burning your face.

Last Food (or Freckle) for Thought

Even a couple minutes of sun exposure every day can build up freckles over a longer time period. This makes it very important to protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen, avoid peak sun hours, and wearing hats to keep the sun from directly hitting your face. Believe me, this will save you so much time and money in the long run!

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