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Laptop Use May Discolor Skin

Nov 3 • Children's Skin, Consumer Education • 7066 Views • Comments Off on Laptop Use May Discolor Skin

It has been speculated that people who spend long periods of time studying or working with their computers on their laps or upper leg area could develop a toasted skin syndrome. The syndrome consists of a brownish discoloration of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to heat from the computer.

A 12-year-old boy recently developed a sponge-patterned discoloration on his left thigh after playing computer games for few hours per day for several months. Lesions are typically found on only one leg because the drives of laptops are located on one side. A computer places on a lap may completely obstruct the ventilation fan exhaust, making it heat up faster. The popularity of laptops will likely increase and so will this diagnosis. Especially for children, they have very sensitive skin which is more susceptible to heat. Parents should factor heat effect when purchasing computers for their children.

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