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Most Common Skin Irritants

Oct 2 • Consumer Education • 3632 Views • Comments Off on Most Common Skin Irritants

So you’re probably wondering, what are the most common skin irritants that leave your skin red, itchy, orĀ inflamed. Here are some common chemicals and ingredients that can be found around the house that causes irritation.

1. Soap – excessive washing with soap can leave the skin dry and bare of its natural oils. At first, it could look like a case of chapped or dry skin, but if prolonged, it can crack and bleed. Soaps include dishwashing soap, bubble bath soap and body washes.

2. Household cleaners – anything from all-purpose cleaners to laundry detergents to toilet disinfectants, these are not intended to touch skin and the chemicals in them are very brash. Remember to wear gloves before handling cleaners just to be safe.

3. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets – these sheets can cause itchiness or worse. The best suggestion is to stick with fragrance-free liquid fabric softeners to fight the static cling.

4. Certain Clothing – some materials such as wool can cause a lot of irritation and itching. If you believe that your clothes are causing itching or even a rash, experts suggests wearing cotton and cotton poly fabrics instead.

5. Heat – hot weather can also irritate skin in terms of sweating. You might notice redness or chaffing in dark areas such as underarms, belly folds, and groin.

6. Latex – some people are sensitive to latex, which can cause welts. Latex is a natural rubber found in a lot of every items such as gloves and condoms.

7. Fragrances/perfumes – allergies and sensitivity to fragrances are norma. Some people might develop a rash or hives from the musk, while others might react to the vanilla scent.

8. Facial Cream – you might experience stinging or burning with certain creams. Some common irritants in facial creams include ascorbic acid, paraban preservatives, and alpha hydroxy acids.

9. Plants – obviously plants such as poison ivy, oak and sumac are three very common causes of contact dermatitis. They all have an ingredient called urushiol oil. This can cause itchiness and redness.

10. Food – handling food can cause skin irritations, especially if you have cuts or cracks on your hands. One example is the ascorbic acid in citrus fruits which causes severe burns.

It is good to know what common irritants are lying around the house so that you can avoid skin irritation if possible.

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