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Spas 101

Sep 26 • Consumer Education • 1346 Views • Comments Off on Spas 101

If you think all spa centers are the same, think again. Day spas vary greatly in the services they provide and the products they use. While some can specialize in hair and face, other spas can focus on full body and relaxation. Before going directly to a spa center, it is highly recommended that you call ahead of ask questions about the treatments offered, including what will be used and what to expect. Don’t depend too highly on personal recommendations since each person’s skin is unique.

Having licensed aestheticians on staff is a good sign that the spa qualified to perform microdermabrasion, facials, and other procedures and treatments. Some chemical peels are appropriate to have at a day spa. However, if you are looking for a more advanced peel, please revert back to a dermatologist’s office.

Also, if you are seeking Botox treatment, find a licensed physician or trained medical personnel that can properly administer the treatment. If you have skin disorders like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, please reconsider spa treatments for there are certain treatments that will exacerbate our condition, rather than improve it.

However, a facial can be a wonderful pampering experience. You may also wish to avoid hot towel treatments to the face, steam baths and saunas if you have rosacea, since it will increase blood flow and potential risks of flare-ups.

Most of all, avoid spas that have fat-dissolving treatments. The FDA does not approve unproven injection treatments that do not dissolve fat. Also, avoid the tanning beds. It will harm your skin in the long run. There are plenty of other treatments and methods to bring out the best in your skin, without exposing it to UV radiation.

Pampering yourself is important, just remember to choose the spa carefully.

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