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Sweating and B.O.: The Basics

Sep 26 • Consumer Education • 1395 Views • Comments Off on Sweating and B.O.: The Basics

Let’s face it–everyone sweats. Although some do more easily and profusely, it can be hindrance in certain social situations. Sweating happens when the body is in heat (either from the sun or from physical activity), and it’s the body’s method of cooling down. If we don’t sweat, we would overheat, faint, or much worse. Sweating is not a bad thing, although it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Body Odor and Sweating Can Be Embarrassing

So what’s with the body odor? Body odor comes from the bacteria that breeds and multiplies quickly when it’s exposed to a moise environment. In essence, the sweat itself is odorless. However, the sweat combined with bacteria in a moist environment, like an armpit, causes the bacteria to smell. Men usually smell worse than women because of armpit hair, which gives bacteria more surface area to live on. But the funny thing is that women are more sensitive to B.O. than men; they can detect the foul smell from a mile away.

The best way to fight and prevent body odor is to wash the body well with soap or body wash, followed with an application of antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirant prevents excessive sweating in the armpits and deodorant helps fight the body odor. If you apply deodorant and antiperspirant on an unwashed body, it will not do a whole lot of good.

Excessive sweating is a condition called hyperhidrosis. There are antiperspirant prescription medications used to treat this  condition. There are other procedures and treatments for excessive sweating if the medication is not effective. See your dermatologist if you think you might have hyperhidrosis.

Remember that sweating is normal for everyone; it just takes proper hygiene and care to live with it.

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