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  • What You Should Know About Botox

    Jul 15, 10 • 2972 Views • Consumer Education, Procedures, TreatmentComments Off on What You Should Know About Botox

    Just like the names Kleenex and Q-Tip, somehow Botox has become an infamous brand name to the average American consumer. What makes it so appealing to us? Perhaps, it is the inner celebrity star in us that becomes attracted to the idea of Botox—the idea of...

  • wrinkles

    Wrinkles: A Sign of Wisdom

    Jul 14, 10 • 2966 Views • Consumer Education, Skin HealthComments Off on Wrinkles: A Sign of Wisdom

    Perhaps! But most people prefer not to have them. What are they exactly? In humans, collagen cells are strong and stable for about 30 years. After this time period, collagen can slowly start to deteriorate and slowly becomes fragmented, causing wrinkles....