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  • teen suicide due to acne

    Acne – Triggered Suicide

    Apr 13, 08 • 3421 Views • acneComments Off on Acne – Triggered Suicide

    Acne isn’t “just” a skin problem. In this BBC article, teens can suffer suicidal depression due to low self-esteem. Some of the acne treatments can exacerbate the mood swings resulting in self-destructive behavior. Depressed about her...

  • Find A Dermatologist

    Oct 23, 07 • 2596 Views • Consumer EducationComments Off on Find A Dermatologist

    If you are looking for a new dermatologist, good sources to ask for referrals are: Family members Friends Co-workers Church or congregation members Your physician Your pharmacist Neighbors You can also check online dermatologist directories to find out...